Vincent van Gogh, Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (Interpretation in Red), 1890
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Unknown Photographer, Portrait of a Girl with Her Deer, 1854
from the Getty:Where in America was this charming study made? The animal, identified as a black-tailed deer, is found only in the Western states, while the girl’s dress, rugged and protective, suggests the harsh climate of the upper plains. The fenced enclosure may be a corral, with sturdy farm buildings out of focus in the background. Keeping the fawn still for the daguerreotype’s long exposure, with its head turned as if posing for the camera and its ears alertly upright, was a splendid achievement for the girl. The tin she holds undoubtedly contained some treat to reward the animal for its obedience.
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Francisco Goya
Fire at Night
Oil on tin plate
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Alex Prager - Eve, 2008
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Loomis Dean Gypsy Dancer, 1960

"They’re terribly sensitive people, the Gypsies, and like a beautiful Czech madonna playing with the infant Jesus they have big human eyes that make your blood run cold, eyes that reflect the wisdom of a culture long forgotten."
Bohumil Hrabal
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Opaque  by  andbamnan